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January 2007

How do I send my excess luggage? Do I send a suitcase or a box? Is it door to door? What about customs charges?

We can send any of the above for you. We send to over 200 countries. It can be a box to England, a suitcase to the USA, or a duffle bag to Germany.

Some other options

If you have a number of heavy items, excess luggage, or just too much to carry and want to save some extra $, look at an airport to airport, or port to port service. If you do some of the work you can save some big $!

You want to have at least 70kg. 

If you want to know more please call us on 1300 667 500, or use the quote link at the top of the page.

Our service is provided to approximately 200 countries. It is your choice whether you are sending a box, backpackpack or suitcase by air or sea.

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Your needs are important in the range of products that we have developed. Your selection will be based on:

Are you sending excess luggage and baggage to the UK (Scotland, Wales, England, NI), or Ireland, or Europe, or Asia, or the Americas?

We will match a competitors advertised or written quote, and offer a further discount! 

It can be either a box, boxes, suitcase, backpack or duffle bag?

When you send boxes and excess luggage with us YOU receive the following:

1. Free Boxes;

2. Free Delivery of Boxes (for 25kg or greater products);

3. Free Pickup of boxes, backpacks or suitcase from anywhere in mainland Australia (for 25kg or greater products);

4. Customs preparation for export from Australia;

5. Customs clearance in destination country;

6. Delivery to the door, as per the local post office guidelines.


There are 4 STEPS TO FOLLOW to send your excess luggage and lighten your load:                              

1.Make a choice from our 'View Your Country' or 'Select All Countries';

2. Complete payment details;

3. Complete delivery and Customs information;

4. We will then send your free box to you, and pickup at the agreed time. Suitcases and backpacks do not require any drop-offs.

*Terms and Conditions apply to the above which is available when you are completing the paperwork on-line.

Efficiency -

We are able to take bookings and provide quotes through our website 24 hours a day.

Convenience -We deliver to over 190 countries, and ensure that whether you are sending excess luggage to the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Western or Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia or New Zealand, we will do it!

We send boxes, excess luggage and excess baggage for backpackers, tourists and students.

Reliability - You will want to deal with people who know what they are doing. We treat the items as our own, and endeavour to make the experience as simple as possible. All we ask is that all paperwork be completed in full, and the information is correct. Short cuts make it difficult for all of us.

Are you sending excess luggage to the UK, or Ireland, or Europe, or Asia, or the Americas?

Door to door, airport to airport, or seaport to seaport?All are available to major destinations.

Box or Suitcase.

We let you choose whether you want to send a box, backpack,suitcase or duffle bag, for your student books, personal effects, tools, or just too much excess luggage and excess baggage.

Boxes are provided for free and are based on a set price for the box. Backpacks and suitcases are based on the actual weight of the item. These 2 options allow you to choose what is easiest for you.

Our products provide speed, tracking and non-urgent delivery times, to save you money!

Courier Express - This is the fastest service we have, and the most expensive. It is designed for urgent items that need to be there quickly. Delivery time is 4-9 business days and traceable. It is available to 190 countries worldwide.

Air - We have 2 products with air, one being a premium service with a 10-15 business days delivery timeframe, and an economy air service which is 4-8 weeks. The economy air product is more popular as it is well priced, and a reasonable delivery time. It is available to 190 countries worldwide.

Seamail - This is the most popular product for people who are not relying on the items arriving in a time sensitive period.

It is a 2-4 month service which is very cost effective and reliable. It is available to over 190 countries worldwide.

Premium Surface - This is a 9-12 week service by sea. It is only available to European Union (EU) countries. It offers faster preparation of documents in Australia and pre-clearance processing before arrival in the EU, allowing for quicker delivery.

ZONE A: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, Canada, Asia, India, Pacific, New Zealand
ZONE B: Rest of the world

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Phone 1300 667 500
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